Rome Fashion Week is the most exclusive event on the calendar of purchases in the cerimona and accessories sector and promises to become one of the most important fairs in southern Europe, introducing the latest collections and new trends of the season.

Rome Fashion Week warmly welcomes accredited members of the press to the exhibition where more than 150 collections will go on show. For media enquiries and to register for the show, send a copy of your valid press pass along with your contact details to


Rome Fashion Week extends an invitation all bona fide fashion bloggers who can be shown to have a minimum of 10,000 unique visitors per month. Our panel will take into account the layout of the blog, the regularity of new content, its interaction with readers and its general online personality and presence. We will need to see a screen print of the page displaying your Google Analytics visitor numbers, taken within the previous two months. Send the image, the link to your blog and your contact details to


If you are a fashion vlogger with more than 5,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel, Rome Fashion Week is the place to discover the latest news in the industry. First, we need verification of your subscriber numbers, and will look at the quality of your videos, target audience and the regularity of updates.

We will also observe interactions with viewers and general online personality and presence. Please send your contact details and link to your YouTube channel to


Press photography is limited to the Rome Fashion Week catwalk show; photography of any of the stands, aisles or features is strictly prohibited.

La Sposa Couture BV reserves the right to establish proof of journalistic activities, even if a press pass has been submitted. Legitimation should be submitted in Italian or English. In individual cases, La Sposa Couture BV reserves the right to additionally request submission of a valid ID containing photographic identification. There is no entitlement to accreditation. If necessary, La Sposa Couture BV reserves the right to restrict accreditation or to revoke it entirely and ban persons from the premises.